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widow maker tree branch

Safety is the number one reason to remove a dangerous tree from your property. Roughly 700 people per year are killed from falling objects. A falling tree branch took the life of this 52-year old woman from Virginia in February of 2019. Sadly, this happens all too often around the world. Broken branches hanging from trees, often referred to as "widow makers", can fall without warning. Taking proactive measures to keep yourself and your loved ones safe can help to avoid such tragedies.





There is a triplex cable running from a utility pole to many houses to provide electricity. This cable contains two black insulated wires that are "hot" (carrying 120v each), and one bare (uninsulated) wire which acts as a neutral and helps provide structural support.

Many people worry about branches or trees falling on this cable and tearing it off the house. This is definitely a dangerous situation, but many people don't consider what happens if a tree branch is just touching the cable.

The insulation around the two hot wires are designed to protect them from precipitation. If a tree branch is resting, or even near resting, on this cable, the continuous movement of the branch can eventually rub a hole in the protective coating. If the bare "hot" wire comes in contact with the neutral, the neutral wire now becomes energized. Not only can this cause electrical shock, but in some cases, a fire within your home. Please be safe and take preventative measures so this doesn't happen to you or the ones you love!

electrical wire coming from house
trees interfering with electrical wires
prevent electrical fires
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