906 Tree Service Equipment is well maintained in order to assure safety and efficient operation.


Towable Boom Lift

The Bil-Jax 5533A lift has a working height of 61 feet. The lift allows us to safely reach necessary heights to complete the job. As a hydraulic, battery-powered machine, operation is quick and quiet.  At approximately only 4,800 lbs, the 906 lift won't leave a large footprint on your property when the job is done!


Stump Grinder

The Bandit 2250R is compact and aggressive when it comes to performance. Featuring a 21-inch diameter cutter wheel with direct hydrostatic drive and a 50" side-to-side cutter swing, this grinder can grind small and medium-sized stumps quickly and efficiently. Large flotation tires and a two-wheel drive self-propelled undercarriage takes the 2250R across delicate lawns without issue At only 35 inches wide, it fits comfortably through backyard gates.


Brush Chipper


The Vermeer BC 1000XL brush chipper is capable of handling wood up to 12" in diameter. This gas powered machine increases production and reduces strain on vital engine parts with the help of the patented SmartFeed system. The feed-sensing control system monitors engine rpm and automatically stops and reverses the feed roller when feeding larger, hardwood material. Operator safety is also enhanced with the bottom feed stop bar. The feed stop bar is strategically located to make it possible for an operator to strike the bar and shut off the feed either intentionally or automatically in an emergency.


Log Loader

The Anderson M-115 log loader offers the versatility and power to help us safely secure large logs for removal or transfer to different parts of a property without dragging them across the lawn. With its ability to increase loading, the 36″ grapple picks up bigger logs faster. Weighing in at approximately 2,341 pounds unloaded, this machine will not leave a large footprint on your property. 


Grapple Truck

The Sterling grapple truck has a large loading capacity allowing us to handle massive logs in a safe and timely manner. If you have large brush piles that need to be taken, this is the monster that will do it! 


Chip Truck

This 1-ton mini dump truck is ideal for chipping. The large sides on the box allow us to chip directly into a controlled environment and dump the chips in a neat pile. This 4WD Chevy Cheyenne is one of our first pieces of equipment and we absolutely love the work it does for us. 



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